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Q: How can I find the latitude and longitude for my house/business?

          A: Try any of the following:

         Use a global positioning system (GPS) receiver. These are available in many forms from companies like Garmin, Magellan and others. A good consumer grade version can be purchased for under $150. 

         Locate your house/business on a mapping program such as Delorme Street Atlas, TOPO USA, or Microsoft Streets and Trips. Most mapping programs will show the latitude and longitude for the cursor. You may have to dig around in the options to activate this feature.

         Download the Google Earth Mapping program for free (http://earth.google.com). Once you have the program running, you can pan and zoom to any place on the earth using the navigation tool in the upper right corner. You can also click and drag the map to your desired location. As you move your cursor around, you will see the coordinates displayed at the bottom left of the map window. To change the displayed format, go to "tools" then "options" and under "show lat long" you can select the desired format.

or visit this site http://www.gorissen.info/Pierre/maps/googleMapLocationv3.php and use the Google Maps example to locate your home and click on the map to get the coordinate data.




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